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RN to MSN Bridge Level Course Descriptions

NURS 470 Theory and Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing – 3 credits (theory)
This course examines theories of nursing and other theories relevant to nursing practice. The relationship among theory, research, and evidence-based practice is explored and applied to real life practice situations. The role of the nurse in support of this theory, research, and evidence-based practice is addressed through a theoretical paper, research critiques, and a poster presentation.

NURS 472 Population Focused Care – 5 credits (3 theory; 2 practicum hours)
This clinical course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply the nursing process to the community as the health client. Students will use principles of public health nursing to investigate a community health problem. The health needs of populations at risk within the community are identified and plans are formulated to meet those needs. Practical experiences utilize a variety of community settings.

NURS 474 Seminar in Professional Nursing – 3 credits (theory)
This is a seminar course focusing on issues pertinent to professional nursing practice and providing an opportunity for graduate students to design and lead a seminar presentation.

NURS 476 Health Policy & Nursing – 4 credits (3 theory; 1 practicum hour)
This course examines health care policy and politics as it relates to nursing practice. Historical, ethical, political, and economic factors are discussed and the nurse’s responsibility and role in health care policy is explored. A practicum facilitates application of principles addressed in the course.