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The Associate Degree in Social work is an excellent fit for students who are interested in helping individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities strengthen human functioning and at the same time promote the effectiveness of societal structures. An Associate of Social Work Degree prepares students to make an easy transition to the Delaware State University Baccalaureate Degree in Social Work.

This program is designed to help students develop skills that can be used in the profession of social work. The program is perfect for students who are not in a position to complete a four-year degree right away but are determined to begin a degree in higher education right now.

Students who are concerned with the enhancement of human well-being and want to help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty find the social work profession to be the perfect career for them.

The students enrolled in the program come from diverse backgrounds. They come directly from the workforce, high school, those who are undecided about a 4-year program, and community colleges. Some students are from out of state, and others are from the local area.


Students who complete an Associate Degree in Social Work at DSU are prepared to work in the various fields of the social work profession. In other words, this degree will allow graduates to enter the job market with a set of skills that many employers are seeking. Career opportunities for individuals with an associate degree can be found in schools, businesses, hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabs, physical rehabs, health care hospitals, even companies in human resources.

Task vary according to the particular field of social work in which you are employed. Some of the task that you will be prepared to perform include engaging with clients, conducting general assessments, determining eligibility for services, linking families with community resources, and helping clients identify, locate and use resources.

The skills that students take into the work place include creating and maintaining professional helping relationships, being able to listen to others with understanding and purpose, eliciting information and assembling relevant facts to support a social history or general assessment and being able to observe and interpret verbal and non-verbal behavior.


At the completion of the program the student will be able to:

  1. Collect and organize data, and apply critical thinking to interpret information from clients and constituencies.
  2. Understand the micro, mezzo and macro levels of practice.
  3. Apply the strengths and empowerment framework to promote human and social well-being within the context of diversity.
  4. Analyze and determine how the social work practice skills of engagement, assessment, intervention and evaluation are related to one another.


With an associate degree, employment can be found in adoption, foster care, schools, businesses, hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabs, physical rehabilitation centers, health care agencies, and human resource companies.

An associate degree in social work paves the way for admission into the baccalaureate program Upon completion of the BSW Programs students are ready to enter the MSW program.

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