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Psychology, BS


Most students who choose the psychology major at Delaware State hope to use their degree to make an impact in their communities. We’ve designed our Bachelor of Psychology program accordingly, creating opportunities for students to learn in the real world as well as in the classroom.

Our psychology degree students get a hands-on education by assisting on research projects, volunteering at counseling centers, and getting other types of direct experience. On the academic side, they complete an intensive survey of current theories in psychology, while developing professional skills such as writing and research design. Because Delaware State is an HBCU, the psychology major has a strong multicultural orientation, exploring how factors such as gender, race, culture, and language intersect with the discipline.

Professional Preparation

Students who earn their Bachelor of Psychology degree from Delaware State possess the academic background and practical experience to make an impact as researchers, scholars, and practitioners. The graduate with outstanding research, writing, and “people” skills — and therefore they compete very successfully for jobs and graduate school placements.

Many of our graduates go into community-oriented practice as social workers, family counselors, or specialists in substance abuse and crisis intervention. Others go into research, building upon the abilities they developed at Delaware State. Our psychology major prepares students for a variety of career paths.


Psychology faculty and students form a close-knit community that emphasizes personal attention. Instructors go out of their way to help students achieve their educational and career goals. In addition to providing classroom instruction and academic support, they offer psychology majors the opportunity to get involved in research and make connections with professional practitioners and scholars. Our faculty have a long list of accomplishments and a large, diverse array of active research projects.

Research and Experience

All psychology degree students conduct a senior research project, and they have the opportunity to gain practical experience on a research project or in an applied setting (such as a mental health clinic or social work practice). In addition, the psychology department has partnership agreements with the social work and nursing departments, broadening our students’ opportunities to gain practical experience and direct observation.

Many of the Psychology Faculty are actively engaged in their own research programs and are delighted to mentor students in the research process.

Required Courses

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