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Student Services Center

The Student Services Center’s mission is to mentor and assist sophomores and pre-majors in goal setting and establishing strategies to progress to advanced levels of education in the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences. The objectives of the center are to:

  • Encourage students to gather and evaluate information, and make meaningful decisions based upon a consideration of the information, alternatives, and personal values and goals.
  • Assist students in the exploration of possible short- and long-range consequences of decisions and facilitate advisees’ recognition and acceptance of personal responsibility for their choices.
  • Assist students in developing an academic program consistent with their goals.
  • Help students recognize and accept the reality of possible successes and failures, thereby encouraging a sense of confidence and maturity.
  • Help students explore career choices and choices of academic major based on their interests, values, skills, and abilities.

Student Services & Academic Advising Syllabus