Q: If my courses are over ten (10) years old, do I need to retake them to satisfy my prerequisite?
A: Yes. All courses must be completed within the last ten (10) years of the Fall start date. Courses not taken within the ten (10) years will need to be retaken. 
Q: Can I still apply if I get below a B- in one of the prerequisite courses?
A: Yes, you can still apply and may still be granted an interview.  However, if you are accepted, it will be considered a provisional acceptance.  You will still have to re-take the class(es) that you obtained less than B- in and show proof of obtaining a B- or better before starting the program.  If you do not, your acceptance will be withdrawn. 
Q: How will I know if a specific course will satisfy a requirement?
A: To see if a course satisfies a requirement, please email the Office of Graduate Admissions. When emailing, please provide the course description and syllabus, if possible. The Admissions Office and MOT department will work together to see if the course is equivalent to the specified prerequisite.
Q: What if my grades are not available at the time of application submission?
A: You can still apply while completing your required prerequisite courses. The admissions office will make a note that the course grade is missing or in progress, and upon completion will add the grade to the application. All final transcripts must be submitted prior to August 1st, to start the Fall co-hort. 
Q: When will I be notified of a decision?
A: Upon verification of OTCAS application, the Office of Graduate Admissions will begin to complete an initial review of files. We want to be sure that every applicant is given equal consideration, and therefore, this process takes time. Applicants may be granted an interview during the admissions process. This is an opportunity for applicants to showcase themselves by answering questions that have been approved by the MOT admissions committee. Applicants will hear from the Office of Graduate Admissions throughout the admissions process, and all decisions will be sent out in Spring (timeframe subject to change).