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The Wesley College of Education, Health and Public Policy research involves projects that address issues in professional fields relating to education, social work and health-related sciences.

Community Health Initiatives  

These programs target behaviors including physical activity, smoking and nutrition through a community-based approach to positive health change.


Social Work and Our Community  

These programs take a new approach to social topics such as family, community, culture and financial health.


Student Opportunities

Each program within the WCHBS requires students to gain hands-on experience within their program of study.  These experiences provide students the opportunity to apply theory to practice and use those skills to enhance their knowledge base.   

  • Diverse Clinical Experiences: Students within WCHBS are required to complete clinical experiences, such as assisting social service agencies at the city, state or federal level, or training hands-on with patients, clients or athletes 
  • Undergraduate Research: Students have multiple opportunities to collaborate with faculty on diverse research projects in professional fields relating to social work and health-related sciences.


NIH Research Grants

Research Centers for Minority Institutions

The Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) program develops and strengthens the research infrastructure necessary to conduct state-of-the-art biomedical research and foster the next generation of researchers from underrepresented populations. It provides grants to institutions that award doctoral degrees in the health professions or health-related sciences and have a historical and current commitment to serving students from underrepresented populations. Click below to learn more:

The RCMI Interdisciplinary Health Equity Research Center at DSU


The Delaware CTR-ACCEL Program

The Dealware Clinical and Translational Research ACCEL Program promotes the innovation, acceleration, and translation of research to improve health outcomes, enhance future funding success, accelerate health care quality, actively engage community members, and advance research careers in Delaware.

Program Overview

  • Provide research training opportunities and infrastructure for junior investigators
  • Facilitate competitive research funding
  • Expand opportunities for collaboration to address key health issues in Delaware communities
  • Research support & consultation services, including: Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, Research Design, Data Management

Click below to learn more: