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The Wesley College of Education, Health and Public Policy research involves projects that address issues in professional fields relating to education, social work and health-related sciences.

Community Health Initiatives  

These programs target behaviors including physical activity, smoking and nutrition through a community-based approach to positive health change.

Social Work and Our Community  

These programs take a new approach to social topics such as family, community, culture and financial health.

Student Opportunities

Each program within the WCHBS requires students to gain hands-on experience within their program of study.  These experiences provide students the opportunity to apply theory to practice and use those skills to enhance their knowledge base.   

  • Diverse Clinical Experiences: Students within WCHBS are required to complete clinical experiences, such as assisting social service agencies at the city, state or federal level, or training hands-on with patients, clients or athletes 
  • Undergraduate Research: Students have multiple opportunities to collaborate with faculty on diverse research projects in professional fields relating to social work and health-related sciences.