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Psychology, MS

The Master’s program at DSU has two tracks. The first track will lead you toward licensure as a Counselor in the State of Delaware (check with your state for reciprocity). The second track has a research focus, and centers on the study of Neuropsychology. Each of these programs is entirely online, with the exception of occasional visits to campus to discuss your internships. Each program has an option that will allow you to graduate in two years and another option that will allow you to graduate in three years. The curricula for both programs and both timeframes can be found below.

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • An overall GPA of 2.5
  • If you were a Psychology major, a GPA in Psychology courses of 3.0.
  • If you were not a Psychology major, completion of three courses with a final grade of B or better - Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Personality.


MS Clinical Psychology

MS Neuropsychology