Public Health, BS

The Public Health graduate possesses a unique marketable set of skills required for employment in public health agencies, private and nonprofit agencies, worksite health promotion offices, HIV prevention, and many other public health-related careers.

The Public Health major equips students with the knowledge, skills, dispositions and qualities required for work in diverse public and community health career settings. Graduates of this major can apply the science, theory, and practice of public health toward the enhancement of health status in the community. Public Health students participate in academic and applied training in program planning and implementation, program evaluation, policy analysis, research and management.

This major gives students the strong foundation needed for careers in private and public sectors, particularly public health agencies, volunteer programs, business and industry. It prepares students for graduate education in Public Health, Epidemiology, Community Health Education, Occupational Health, and Chronic Disease Prevention. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health provides a solid background in health science, including public health education and policy, public health informatics, community health promotion in the workplace, chronic disease management, health issues, human sexuality, mental health, nutrition, disease and injury prevention, substance use and abuse, environmental health, consumer health, personal health, and epidemiology. This major provides opportunities for students to acquire skills in needs assessment, program planning, implementation, and administration, as well as program assessment, advocacy, health education and health promotion service coordination, resource management policy, and research.

Senior Capstone Project

The Public Health capstone project is a twelve (12) credit practicum in the field.  Regardless of the major or concentration, students are required to write an extensive report and to display their work in a final oral presentation.

Public Health

The Public Health graduate possesses a unique set of skills required for employment in public health agencies, private and nonprofit agencies, worksite health promotion offices, and many other public health-related careers. Graduates with a B.S. degree in Public Health have a variety of diverse employment opportunities. A few examples are:

  • State Immunization Program Coordinator
  • Community Outreach and Case Manager, Family Planning Agency
  • STD Prevention Specialist
  • Diabetes Prevention Program Specialist
  • Food and Restaurant Inspector
  • HIV Educator and Prevention Specialist
  • Case Management Supervisor Nutrition Coordinator, Senior Center
  • Tobacco Prevention Specialist
  • Project Officer, Lead Screening Program
  • Managed Care Coordinator
  • Employee Wellness Coordinator
  • Epidemiology

Required Courses

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